Wednesday, January 4, 2012

ya think?

I had the thought,
as I was feeling giddy
putting away my Azure Standard booty,
that maybe - just maybe,
am a little weird.


  1. Forgive me. I'm a little slow. It's a good thing you had a link!
    NOW...I understand.
    I'd be a little giddy too getting all that good stuff!
    A well stocked house makes me pretty slap silly happy too!

  2. well, I think thats okay!! I am loving my xylitol! Bought some erythitol too, but haven't tried it yet,since the xylitol is sweeter. not doing terribly great going wheat or gluten free, its so hard because I don't know what to cook! can I just move in with you for a while so I can copy off you and figure all this out?


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