Monday, January 16, 2012

just another duh moment

I was at Hobby Lobby
doing some shopping for a little family project
when TJ called. 
After I'd grabbed what I went for,
I spent a few minutes just browsing the pretties
while I talked with him.
I spotted a cute little metal birdhouse sculpture
that I thought would look awfully cute in the pantry.
It certainly isn't a necessity, 
so I figured I'd snap a picture of it with my phone
and talk myself into it think about it for a week or so.
I started digging in my purse 
(which is actually fairly small as purses go)
and I felt sick to my stomach;
my phone wasn't in my purse.
I was just sure I'd put it in there,
because I'd added to my 1,000 gifts list
right before I got out of the car.
I started to tell T I needed to go
so I could go look for my lost phone...


  1. Been there, done that! More then once, I am sad to say........

  2. bahahahaha!!! I would so do that!!

  3. unfortunately, momentary blondeness seems to run in the family :D

  4. sorry,girls! what can I say ?!


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