Saturday, January 7, 2012

turns out

we do like 
Had our first roast yesterday;
it was scrumptious!
I just cooked it at a lower temp
and for longer
than I normally would.
speaking of beef - I never told you about the freezer...

Lana had offered to keep our beef in their freezer,
but I kinda wanted the convenience of having it here.
And also
after we go to the dairy,
our fridge freezers are so full of milk
for 3-4 weeks, while we drink our fresh milk,
that we only have enough room
for about 5 lbs each of chicken and green beans.
Which is 2 meals worth of each - if you were wondering. 
So, we really could use the freezer space!

We found a chest freezer online at Home Depot
that was considerably less expensive than comparable freezers elsewhere.
But we aren't really fans of some of HD's policies
and prefer to shop at Lowe's.
We're all for 'voting with our shopping dollars',
but the very real fact is - we only have so many dollars
with which to vote. 
Gets tricky sometimes.
We decided to go to Lowe's and see if they had anything
 in the store
that we hadn't seen online.
It just so happened that the store manager
(or was it the asst. manager?)
walked by while we were looking at a freezer
very much like the one we'd found online for HD,
priced $118 higher than Home Depot's price.
Tyler explained to him that we aren't fond of Home Depot
and we'd very much like to spend our money with them,
but we just couldn't spend that much more
for a similar product.
Long story short(er)
they came down $79 on the freezer,
so for an extra $39, we got 2 additional baskets,
.2 extra cubic feet (big whoop) and an interior light.
And we got to give Lowe's our business, instead of Home Depot.

And that's our freezer story.


  1. I like your freezer story! Glad you DO like the grass fed beef. It sure looked red and rich with flavor! Good for you!!

  2. YUM!! I would love to have a side of beef!! and where did you put this freezer? fabulous!!

  3. freezer is in the shop ~ no room in the inn!


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