Saturday, May 3, 2008

3 on the 3rd

I really struggled with having to have a c-section this time.
With Jeremiah, it wasn’t quite so bad;
I was just so thrilled to actually be having a baby
after years of secondary infertility
that having a cesarean was no big deal.
With Josiah
I was just as excited to be having a baby
but I really did not want him to have to go through
to get out.
God’s plan is so perfect
and babies benefit when they come the way He designed.
I begged my doctor to let me go naturally.
That was met with an absolute
not up for discussion
If I’d merely had a previous c-section
I’d have argued with her
and insisted on a vbac.
But since I’d had a myomectomy
and had not found a single shred of evidence
that supported a vaginal delivery after uterine surgery
we went with her wisdom.
I knew something was up.
Six weeks before Josiah was due
Brandon and I were sitting on the floor in front of the fridge
watching Josiah do some amazing acrobatic stunts
in my belly.
After the show in the kitchen
I noticed Josiah didn’t move nearly as much as before.
I’m not a worrier
but it’s fair to say I was pretty concerned.
I’d lay down and do the kick test often.
He always moved just enough to pass the tests.
I felt like something wasn't
after Dr Lukasek cut me open
She started counting
One… two… three…
The umbilical cord was wrapped around Josiah’s neck
four times.
He very likely would not have survived natural childbirth.
Josiah is an absolute delight.
He’s not a people person like Jeremiah
but still
he makes everyone smile.
He is grateful.
He protects girls.
He likes to sing.
He adores his siblings
and is Papa’s shadow

you are a treasure
and I love you to the moon
and back
Happy Birthday


  1. Happy birthday to a precious little brother. Oops, I mean *big* boy ;P
    Thanks for always saving me from the bad guys!

  2. Tell the cute boy I said happy birthday!!

  3. Threes are the best!!!


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