Thursday, May 15, 2008

the other dress

It's not nearly as important as THE dress
but still
for some reason
the mother of the bride
is supposed to have some really nice dress.
I kept waiting to shop
you know
I was going to loose a ton of weight
and be skinny
in like 2 weeks time.
After getting fussed at for my stupidity
I started shopping
and shopping
Have I ever mentioned I hate to shop?
and I really hate
to shop
for myself!
I finally found it.
my sweet friend Sara

took me yesterday.
After trying on several ugly dresses
I told her I'd save us some time
if I'd just quite trying on dresses
I didn't like.
I mean
what's the chance of
gagging while it's on the hanger
and loving it
once I got it on?!
At some point
she suggested I try petites.
I'm not that short!
maybe I am.
I wanted something
made of a shimmery fabric
'cause I didn't want any beads
that could scratch my sweet baby.
It is.
I wanted it to be something I could nurse in
without undressing in the bathroom.
It is.
I wanted something somewhat tailored
so I wouldn't look
any fatter than I am.
It is.
and if it wasn't too much of a bother
I wanted it to be comfortable.
It is.
Thank-you Lord for your provision.
I'm sorry I doubted.
and I'm really sorry about not looking sooner.
thanks for precious friends!!


  1. So glad you finally found the dress! We don't get a picture? :)

  2. This dress is pretty, and the colors are very iridescenty and it is so shimmery that a pic couldn't do justice....

  3. ok so i'll just have to wait for The Wedding


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