Friday, May 30, 2008

is it worth it??

Thanks to inspiration from my good friend, Sandy,
I decided to try Walgreens again.
Tyler went with me
(a date, you know)
so we were able to use 2 - $10 coupons.
When it's all said and done
I spent $15.76
and got
$68.71 worth of stuff - tax included.
is pretty good, I think.
Not nearly so good as most people write about,
but nothing to sneeze at.
Here's where it gets tricky, though.
I spent well over an hour trying to figure out what to buy.
We spent another hour in the store trying to find everything.
another half hour at the register....
feeling my stress levels rising....
We will use everything we bought,
but we certainly didn't need all of it.
is it worth it?
at this stage of my life
I honestly don't know.
Right now,
my time is every bit as valuable
as Tyler's hard-earned money.
I'd really like to make it work
I've sure got to get faster
so do those darned cashiers!


  1. Wonderful! I love it.

    Good observations and definitely something to consider.

    It certainly didn't help that you didn't have much notice ahead of time. Hopefully the cashiers will catch on. Mine had a hard time too.

  2. I see chocolate. It was worth it. Especially if those are the Dove Bliss Milk Chocolate. Those are the best! lol


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