Friday, May 9, 2008


I am stressed.
I can not even begin to describe
how stressed I am.
I was standing by the sink
straining a batch of
Green Stuff
- as difficult as it is,
life goes on
even when your baby girl
is getting married in two weeks.
And when you are about to run out of green stuff
you have to make more
like it or not -
So anyways
I’m standing by the sink
pouring my oil through a strainer
t e n s e
and adding to
my list of things to do.
And I hear it.
Like a fountain in the distance.

It was the swimming pool.
And I could feel myself loosening up.
Thanks, my love.
It wasn’t put in for me
And the timing was absolutely horrible
(who puts in a swimming pool
while simultaneously preparing for a wedding?!)
But it helped soothe me
when I was just about to go over the deep end.

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