Tuesday, May 6, 2008

sleeping beauty

She doesn’t really cry;
It’s barely even a fuss.
Just enough noise to let me know she’s a tad hungry.
I pull her warm sleepy body over
and kiss her sweet head
and tell her how much I love her.
I probably I shouldn’t.
I’m pretty sure all the ‘sleep experts’ say
to refrain
from kissing your baby in the middle of the night.
And I know they say to never talk to her!
But I can’t help it.
She’s just so yummy.
I usually end up kissing her several times.
Until she reminds
me with a nuzzle and a searching mouth
of why it is I’m awake and kissing her in the first place.
I don’t really mind the night nursings
when the baby is waking up every 20 - 40 minutes
all night long
and takes longer to get back to sleep than he sleeps…..
gets old pretty fast
3-5 times a night
for just a quick
topping-off the tummy?
Doesn’t bother me much at all.
my sleep is interrupted.
But I’m usually more patient during the night
than I am during the day
when I’ve got a big ole’ list of things to do.
Someday soon
I won’t have any bald heads to smooch on in the middle of the night.
As much as I’d like a good 7 hour stretch of sleep
I’m going miss these
middle of the night
Both baby’s
my little satisfied sweetie
this is part of an e-mail
Tyler sent me in November of 2004
Jeremiah was almost 1.
He wasn't nearly as good of a sleeper as Lily is.
I'd been pregnant with Josiah
for about 4 months.
When I get tempted to be selfish
and want more sleep
I re-read it
Last night you and Jeremiah melted my heart.
You are so sweet to him.
I was so tired and my body hurt
(I am sure you could say the same thing).
Anyways, I was just laying there listening
to the most wonderful conversation between you both.
Thanks for taking such good care of him and
teaching him to be a loving person.
Thank-you, Tyler!


  1. Ah, I so needed to read this. Sleep has been hard to come by. Thanks for reminding me why I'm awake.

  2. What a cute pic. I used to sleep like that when I was a baby, too. Wow.. thanks for being a great example, when I read your blog I can't wait to get married and have kids... so many women these days complain about the kids and tell us how much trouble they are.


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