Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I want to look at my flower

The flowers are here!
We all pitched in to cut the stems
and get them in water quickly.
Lana had to run to Paul's
to buy another bucket!
We've got about a thousand daisies
200 delicious smelling roses
and 100 belles of Ireland
I had to call my sister
(she'll be arranging all these tomorrow)
to tell her our porch looked like a florist shop.
The weather was just perfect,
a bit cooler than it's been
and a gentle breeze.
I called the flower company
to find out if there was anything special I needed to do;
I certainly don't want to ruin
several hundred dollars worth of flowers!
In her Columbian accent,
she told me that they were exhausted from their travels
and 72 hours without a drink
and all I really needed to do
was give them water
and let them rest
in an air conditioned room for a few hours
before removing their 'jackets'.
I wondered if
I should offer them a ginger ale, too.


  1. and boy are they gorgeous!!!

  2. Tracy,
    The wedding was so perfect! It was fun to be there with you...and even before we're g'mas! Imagine that. Thanks for including us.

    Get some rest.


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