Sunday, May 18, 2008


I do not consider myself to be a writer.
Oh, I dabble a little….
I once wrote an article for a little women’s magazine.
Never did submit it…..
I write this blog as a gift to my family
Memory stones, if you will.
I try to recount old memories while adding the new ones.
If other people enjoy reading our stories
well, I’m grateful
(although - I do wonder why?!)
Not terribly long ago
after reading one of my posts
Lana said,“That sounded just like Sharon Randall.”
Boy did I get the big head!
As her Mother’s Day gift to me this year
Lana bought tickets for us to see
Sharon Randall!
Her column appears in our Monday paper
and Lana and I both enjoy
her writing style
the content.
She just writes about life
and she does it in such a way
that her readers can really identify with her.
Several years ago
our newspaper subscription expired.
In a stupid move on the part of the SWTR,
Sharon’s column was no longer in our paper.
I couldn’t get a super deal to re-subscribe
(my limit is $1.50 a week, although I prefer $1)
So we just quit taking the paper;
without Sharon Randall on Mondays,
why bother?
Tyler asked me before we went
“So what is it about this Sharon Randall?
Is she some big conservative Christian writer?”
I thought a minute.
“She’s real.
She can make me laugh
Sometimes with the same article.
Is she super conservative?
I don’t know.
(she does live in Las Vegas of all places)
But I certainly think she’s a christian
and she's an excellent writer.”
We weren’t disappointed!
While we didn’t find Sharon to be an exceptional speaker
we did find her to be exactly as we expected.
She was gracious and humble.
She looked exactly like her picture.
She was funny.
I think she may have been a little frightened by our mayor.
But mostly
she was real.
Sharon shared something her grandmother always said:
Always be yourself.
Never pretend to be what you aren’t,
or to know what you don’t know.
One of the greatest compliments to me
“You are real”
(said in a positive tone, of course ;-)
“You write like Sharon Randall”
Thanks, Lana!
It was a great evening
and one of my best Mother's Day gifts.


  1. And she was so much fun! And she kissed me on the cheek, and when we had the picture taken she was like "I get to stand between the bride and the mother of the bride" (mom told her I was getting married next week) and she was so sweet to everyone, and answered everybody's questions... *sigh* she is such a neat person and a wonderful writer...
    I had her sign my copy of her book, right on the page with her column about advice to writers - SO COOL!!
    I STILL CAN'T believe I got to meet one of my favorite writers in person!!

  2. That is so neat! I, too, enjoy her column every week. I have been following her for many, many years. So glad to hear she is as 'real' in person as I've always felt she was. I would have liked to meet her as well. Anyway, the wedding was beautiful. All your hard work paid off and you deserve some well-earned rest. Thank you for letting Emma be a part of it, she enjoyed it very much. Blessings, Michele


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