Thursday, April 8, 2010


Every great once in a while
I have a flash of genius.
This morning
I solved my
It's no surprise that I have a difficult time
using a store-bought pattern;
I mean
I can't cook from a box
and can
- only with great difficulty -
follow a recipe.
So, I often make my own patterns
based on
clothes that we already have
an actual pattern
or just an idea in my head.
I've tried various papers for these patterns
(which, I should identify! note to self)
most often tissue paper
because it's a good size
and it's most like purchased patterns.
when patterns were on sale for a buck
I picked out the fattest pattern package I could find
with the intent of using that paper to make new patterns
but the markings made me crazy
and every time I saw the pattern envelope
I'd wonder what on earth
I'd bought that wedding dress pattern for?!
I've used newspaper
but that's distracting and messy.
Packing paper
is another thing I've tried;
it's a tad better than tissue paper
but still not great.
So I've taken to using card-stock
which works fabulously.
But after I tape pieces of cardstock together
(most pieces don't fit on an 8 1/2 x 11 inch page...)
I end up with some pretty big pattern pieces
up till now
I wasn't quite sure what to do with.
In my moment of pure brilliance
in the wee hours of the morning
it came to me:
Join the paper pieces together
without any overlap
using clear packing tape
and then I can just fold the pattern along my taped 'lines'
and store them in a 9x12 envelope.
Doesn't matter what size or shape the pattern is
it'll fit
and the pattern won't get messed up in the process
stroke of genius, I tell ya!

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  1. yep, brilliant :)

    I came up with a brilliant idea yesterday and announced it to whoever could hear. Which was just Luke and Aiden. And they payed me no heed.
    This is why you need girls around, they appreciate brilliance.


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