Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'll take the cute outfit for $1, Alex

I still have a bit of pillowcase
and the top 2/3 of the capris left
factor that out
add in the elastic
and I still think we're right at $1.00
I'd like to add a ribbon along the hem, too
if I can find the right color.

we know
the girl is a mess!
a treasured mess, but a mess none-the-less


  1. Wow! I wish I had your vision for turning ordinary things into something so incredibly cute and useful! I need to have you Bottle that genius and send it my way!!

  2. Love all your Easter photos and the post about your hubby--you two are so cute!

    Great job on turning thrift store finds into treasures like only you can do! I love that last photo of her esp. You should frame that one; it's priceless!

  3. 'Net ~ I just started looking at all the $ .50 stuff as 'fabric' instead of clothes. I didn't even realize I'd bought coordinating stuff 'til after I got home ~ then I was darn near giddy :-)

    Hey Girl ~ hope you feel better soon! Yeah, that picture really captures her essence.

  4. Love it!! You did such a great job!! Sooo cute..

  5. I saw you briefly this morning at church. Was hoping to catch you or at least a glimpse of your girls to see what cute outfit they had on. I ran across this blog (I am supposed to be working on school stuff) and thought of you as she takes outfits she buys for $1 and remakes them into something totally different. Made me think of you for some reason.

  6. I love the outfit :) the last picture is so cute. Aiden makes that face too sometimes. And I think 'uh-oh'...


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