Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter fun at Gramma's & Grampa's

Mom didn't have all of her kids there
but I did
and it was nice.
Moms like that sort of thing!

Aiden and Uncle T

the twin cousins
(and some of the girls...)

Brandon Bud ~ aka 'the sweet one'

Lex' was pretty serious about this egg business

just watchin'

Princess Pie, showing off her earrings

Luke & Lana
the happiest baby in the world

I know - lots of pictures of Lexi
but c'mon, she's just soo darn cute!

Tony's first year - ever - of not hunting eggs

...Aiden's just so darn cute, too...

cousins ~ going through the goodies
thanks, Gramma & Grampa!


  1. those are all so great! I just love my family so much and all those precious kids. So glad everyone came, Luke and Lana and Aiden too! How was the "day after"? better than last year?

  2. I decided to have zero expectations of the kids (other than that they had to obey; but I was careful to make few requests...)and it wasn't too bad. It helped that they were able to spend a big part ofhte day outside :-)

    hey - are you guys going to come down and hunt?? if so - I left my SHOES at Mom's house :-( (it's not as bad as it sounds - I brought 2 pairs...) SO - if you do come ~ can you bring them??

    love you!

  3. Thanks so much for the photos!!! Adrienne and Samuel studied all of them, looking at what their cousins were doing -- and wishing they could have been there too.

    By the way, you look great!!!

  4. oh, YES!! would have loved for you all to be there, too!!


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