Friday, July 24, 2009

7 quick takes

It’s been really nice having my hubby home
in the evenings for the week.
I’ve missed him.
He’s back to working on the Hardie House
in moderation, though, this time.

Breastfeeding is hard.
Dairy issues aside.
(although - I am beginning to add back a little bit of dairy with no ill effects - yay!)
A few weeks ago we had low-supply issues
most likely due to hormones and stress.
Now Lexi is so busy
that she isn’t wanting to nurse as often as she should
and when she does nurse
it’s not for as long as it should be.
Or maybe she’s nursing so efficiently
she doesn’t need to nurse longer?…
Add to that
Etienne is almost her size and half her age.
So now I’m wondering - am I starving the girl?
But then
she does have plenty of rolls….
Breastfeeding is tricky business.

Letter of Intent
Time to turn it in.
Problem is
I haven’t even begun shopping or planning yet
for the coming school year.
Partly because my budget for school
is less than half what it normally is
and partly because
I don’t know….
I am looking forward to Jeremiah starting school
Not because he’s so teachable;
he’s the most know-it-all 5 year old I’ve ever known.
But things are just really clicking for him right now
and that’s fun.

I still have a lot of weight to lose
but I realized last night
that I have lost forty pounds
since I went in the hospital to have Lexi.
Never mind how much weight I gained while pregnant.
Lets just say it was more than the 17 lbs I gained with Lily!

Picked our first tomatoes today.
I’m worried we may miss a few
since they’re packed in there so tight.
Didn’t mean for them to be, we spaced them properly
but that darn manure just works so well….
old underwear doesn’t make the best tomato ties.

I haven’t sewn in weeks
with the exception of turning an old maternity outfit
into festive 4th of July clothes for the girls
and teaching Nate and Kaylana how to make diapers
during their way-too-short but wonderful visit.
Every time I think I really want to pull out the machine
the thought of all the mess I’ll make
(and the mess the kids will make while I’m sewing!)
deters me.

I shouldn’t have fudge dipped granola bars in my snack box
The granola part doesn’t make them healthy enough to eat 2 a day
but the fudge part makes me want to.
Some days
the fudge part wins.
I think that's how you do a
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