Saturday, July 25, 2009

it was 'stinky'

(why oh why do these stupid Nancho Libre quotes
take up valuable space in my brain??)
I made
I've seen recipes
here, here and here.
I opted to try the little house in the suburbs version
'cause I don't relish the idea
of smearing my deo on with my hands.
True to form
I didn't exactly follow the recipe.
Mostly, but not exactly.
I hope that's not a sign of some character deficiency.
It was so easy
I wish I would have done it a long time ago
so far, so good.
I wasn't exactly fresh-as-a-daisy when I put it on
One less thing to buy from WallyWorld;
that makes me happy!
I just need to find essential oils that smell like

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  1. if you can match 'artic force' I would PAY to get the formula from you :D I'm pretty sure that that is (was) what Luke buys, but last time we couldn't find it.


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