Wednesday, July 8, 2009

only 5 1/2 months old

and already
is a rare occurrence
She barely left my arms in the hospital
and even then
it was to go to someone else's.
Our first weeks were spent snuggled together;
I held her about 20 hours a day.
"Don't hold the baby all the time,"
they say,
"You'll spoil her."
Here we are
just a few short months later
it dawns on me
I hardly ever get to hold my sleeping baby anymore.
when she fell asleep on my chest this evening
I held her
just a little longer.
To remember.
Then I laid her gently on her pillow,
right next to mine.
So I can snuggle her all night long.
she just ain't spoiled yet.
The long sleeves are because we have to keep the bedroom quite chilly;
if Lily gets too warm (and she is hot-natured!)
she'll break out in hives.
horribly itchy hives.
Most likely part of a viral infection she picked up
and passed around.

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