Friday, July 3, 2009

I almost feel sorry for him

Donor is so scared of fireworks.
even snap dragons
Poor pooch.
While the guys were gone
I let him sleep in the house - not in his kennel.
He did fine
so since then, on the nights he hasn't wanted to be outside
I've just let him sleep in the living room.
Last night
he came in and slept by my side of the bed.
I wasn't sure if it was for my protection
or his.
I'm thinking - his.


  1. awww, i DO feel sorry for him. Course, if he runs up to me and licks me when I next see him, I might change my mind (somepuppy needs a breath mint, lol - remember the minty dog treats in "Turner and Hooch"?)

  2. speaking of scared of fireworks - I was driving home from the Hardie house last night and heard some and they startled me until I realized what they were :)


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