Friday, July 10, 2009

can I get a 'hallelujah'?

I had to use the wagon!
that there
forty-four lbs of organic produce
The cantaloupe alone weighed 10 lbs!
When Jeremiah saw the eggplant
he said, "We can have ratatouille tonight!"
I haven't been able to find skinny eggplant at the store,
so we have been waiting for over a year for this eggplant!
I had hoped we'd be able to get everything for the dish
from our garden.
maybe next year...
see how orange the juice is?
(there on the left - that's a dried up drip of cantaloupe juice)
oh my
I can hardly wait to eat it.
I wasn't going to pick it just yet
as it's still a bit green,
but when I picked it up to check the bottom
to make sure it wasn't rotting
it snapped a bit.


  1. oh my. Luke is jealous of your cantaloupe :D
    That's amazing! You'll have to let me know how the ratatouille tastes :)

    Now you just need zuchinni and roma tomatoes, right? Or maybe onion. I can't remember.
    Anyways, have fun and *I* am jealous about the ratatouille :D

  2. got the zucchini - right there next to a yellow squash on the bottom right. I thought we needed peppers, too - probably ought to check the recipe - it's been awhile. Penny brought us over some tomatoes ~ but I don't think I'll use them - they're too precious at this point...

  3. ratatouille sounds good! never had it. must try it! course, all my veggies will come from the store this year!

  4. you can come see me again & have more cukes :-)

  5. I ate ALL the others! They were yummy! I just might try to come up wednesday and spend the whole day, and paint and play and stuff....let me run it by james and I will get back to you...Nathan will be here the 17th.

  6. oh - that sounds like fun!! I won't mention it to the kids yet, though....


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