Friday, July 10, 2009

our evening alone

I love that Lexi is big enough to play with Lily
and toys...
(oooh - those cheeks!)

these girls are already such good friends

the boys made the best of not being able
to swim in the pool

TJ dropped in
and scared the bejeebers out of me
(he always loved startling me when he lived here
now he doesn't get as much pleasure out of it)
Lexi sure was glad to see him!
She's really getting sick
of being stuck with Momma all the time.
I'm getting sick of being stuck with me all the time

I'm thinking about just popping in a movie
but that seems awfully irresponsible;
the house is still an absolute wreck.
I could clean it
but it will still be an absolute wreck again tomorrow.
I should save myself the trouble.
~ sigh ~

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  1. Tracy,

    I enjoy your blog page alot. It is fun just to see some of your family life. You are such an encouraging person. The Lord bless you!
    Sharon Brents


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