Tuesday, July 7, 2009


back to the drawing board....


texture is wrong
flavor is wrong
they are
too salty


  1. Careful with your salt. Don't use any with iodine as it will make your garlic turn blue!

    Here's my favorite recipe...

    3 qts. water
    4 C. vinegar
    2/3 C salt

    Add to each jar
    Enough dill and garlic to cover the bottom. Cukes. Then fill with the brine.

    There are 2 ways to process this. One is the traditional water bath. The other is to put the jars in a big pan with about an inch of water in the oven. I can't remember what temp I used but I did the same processing time as the water bath. Both are good.

    Makes 8 quarts.

  2. *sniff* wish one of us had room for frigerator pickles! I'm thinking homemade claussen's.. I might have room for a couple jars, though... But in my fridge they may freeze and nothing is more disappointing than a once-frozen refrigerator pickle.


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