Monday, July 6, 2009


I'll be trying my hand at making
for the first time
(well - as an adult)
we've gotten over 100 lbs of cukes already
so we gotta do something...
I am purposed to not waste one bit
of all that God is blessing us with.
The recipe I'm trying
calls for 4 lbs;
it won't even make a dent in the pile...


  1. Wow!!! We will try to help you make a dent in them!

    The Latvian Millers are cleaning and packing tonight to head your way tomorrow!!! Can't wait to see you all!!

  2. oh homemade pickles are so good. We still have a few jars left from the last time we made them.

  3. Good luck with the pickle party !
    The only thing that has EVER worked for me is to find a good recipe, Ms. Wages is my favorite, and to always keep the pickles in the refrigerator. I have tried many years to keep in the cupboard, but never satisfied with soggy/soft pickles.If you always keep them cold, they are really crisp and crunchy. Even if you take off the cupboard and cool begore eating, still not satisfied. This is for slices or whole pickles. I don't waste my time with really big cucumbers with big seeds. I usually give those away and don't use those for pickles. Hope this helps,

  4. Kaylana ~ can't wait!!

    Ren - recipe? please :-)

    Nana Frey ~ yes, I remember your fridge pickles ~ they were good :-)
    problem is - I have ZERO fridge space; it's always packed (even when there's 'nothing to eat')

    I made bread & butter pickles; figured they are ok not crunchy.

    after tasting a few more I determined
    a)they aren't quite as bad as I thought (so I don't have to feed them to the chickens; but they ARE too salty)
    b) pickling cukes had a better texture than the burpless cukes

    nothing like 'on the job' training


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