Thursday, July 9, 2009

the challenge

I bought a new foot today.
(thanks, Babe)
When we got the rolled hem foot a few weeks back
and I had so much fun with it
and it worked so well
(which is exactly the point of a job-specific tool)
Tyler told me
he wanted me to have every foot they make for my machine.
After making sure he was serious
I almost cried; it was so sweet.
A ruffler was next on the list.
With little girls to sew for
I figured that'd be handy.
They were busy
so she didn't have time to show me
on the machine
how to use it
but she did talk me through it a bit.
I asked was it double the fabric or what.
She said, "There's no way of knowing."
"Well, now I've got to figure it out,"
I told her.
"You can't. Mom's tried and she can't even figure it out."
Don't you know if you tell me I can't do something
prove you wrong??
(unless, of course, I really can't......)

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