Sunday, July 19, 2009

mommas, papas, and babies grown up

and I imagine, Papas, too
love to have all of their kids home.
I didn’t know this
until I was a momma of out-of-the-house kids.
Just minutes before the phone rang
I’d been thinking about my dad
and praying about how I could honor him.
I’m afraid I haven’t done a good job of that in recent years.
“Tracy, this is your father.” I hear
after I say, “Hello”.
“I was mowing my lawn and God told me to call and invite you….”
He ended up hosting an
impromptu family reunion
with all but 1 kid & family
and 1 grandkid and fam (Lana & Luke - Luke was sick)
in attendance.
When we left
He told me he was so blessed that we’d come.
Me, too, Dad.
I love you.

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