Tuesday, July 14, 2009

enough already

I saw a little black ball of fluff
with a fondness for potatoes
of all things
scurry over to the corner.
Unlike my dear friends Sandy and Susie
mice don't turn me into an acrobat.
I'll kill 'em alright
but they don't scare me.
Just a few minutes ago
came crawling towards me
as I perched on the pot
where Lily has been just moments earlier.
Now that scared me!
I didn't have any problem killin' him
I considered saving his smooshed little body
to show the boys - so they'd know not to touch one
even dead
it gave me the heebie jeebies;
so I flushed him.


  1. a SCORPION???? oh, dear!!! would have given me more than the heebie jeebies! I didn't even know they were in arkansas! You've been busy killing all kinds of unwelcome critters lately, guess thats a part of farm life, huh? Bravo!


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