Thursday, September 20, 2012

a bolero and a bunting

It's Thursday, and I've been sewing, 
which means it's time for 

needle and thREAD

I finished my bolero
and have made good progress on (another) top from Alabama Stitch Book.
All hand-sewn, except for the basting at the neck and armhole.
I just love these shirts!

The bolero doesn't fit as perfectly as it was supposed to - 
there's a little bit of weirdness at the front of the shoulder seam.
I haven't decided if I'm going to ignore it, or take it in a bit.
I have a hard time ignoring weirdness at shoulder seams so I suspect it'll be the later.
It should be as simple as trying it on inside out and marking where the pouf is
and stitching it out.
I'm bamboozled as to why I didn't get it right,though, as my pattern should have been perfect.
I guess things have shifted south...

I've even fit in a little reading - I wasn't feeling the Nora Ephron book,
so about half way through, I put it back in the library basket.
Tyler wondered how I could possibly not love something by the writer of You've Got Mail.
I was surprised by that myself.
I guess I like her scripts better than her essays?
I am, however, enjoying The Next Thing On My List.
It's not fabulous writing, and I wouldn't want to own the book or anything, but it's good light reading.

I also was able to get our crayon melts made into a bunting yesterday afternoon
and got it hung just before the sun went down .

I like it!!

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  1. your just fabulous! Love the shirt! and the flags, really cool and cheerful!!


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