Thursday, September 13, 2012

finally sewing again

Brandon may not be able to use his hand - but mine work just fine
and I'd been itching to use them.
With a needle and thread, that is.
I mean, it certainly isn't like I haven't been using my hands at all...

But there were several times during the past few weeks of wedding reception preparations
that I really (really!) wished I had something to hand sew,
but I didn't have time to cut anything out.
I still have the quilting to do on Lily's quilt - but I'm not entirely sure if I want to do any hand-quilting on it or not.
(and I have a sneaking suspicion that when they fixed the timing on my machine, 
the tension got a bit messed up : / I need to call and ask about that.)
A few times when I got the itch, I was tempted to just grab some scraps to stitch on, just to sew something.
Even if it was nothing....
But that just seemed wasteful.
In the future - maybe I'll have the foresight to have a hand sewing project ready to go
when I'm going to be in the midst of big projects that require lots of thinking.

Tuesday, I finally had time to cut into some fabric.
I decided on a shrug, 
but instead of using the pattern in one of Natalie's books (I forget which one it's in)
which I'd need to make a muslin of,
I opted to go with something I knew would fit,
my own t-shirt pattern - cut in the shape of a shrug with 3/4 sleeves.

So far, I've got the shrug constructed, and the sleeve bindings done, complete with random amethyst beads.
The entire garment is hand-sewn, Alabama Chanin style.
Which, you know, makes me all kinds of happy.
Even if it does take forever to finish....

Seeing that every spare moment, and those I can manage to multi-task, is spent sewing,
 I haven't gotten to my library books yet.
But, just in case I have a moment and I'd rather read than sew, well - I'm all set.

needle and thREAD


  1. Oh, gosh, I so admire your handsewing commitment. What heart you're putting into your creations...

  2. If I could knit, Elizabeth,I don't think I'd feel quite the need to hand sew ;-)

  3. oh my! Your bead work is so pretty! I hope you are able to find more quiet time to work on it. Hugs!


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