Tuesday, September 18, 2012

the reception, in pictures

Let me just say:
the reception was a photographer's nightmare.
I didn't bring my own camera, 
figuring that Roselle would do a much better job of capturing images than I could.
And she did, but she didn't necessarily get pictures of all the stuff I would have.
Like my favorite flower arrangement in the old metal water pitcher...

Also - I think it looked so much prettier than the photos show.
In person, the eye was drawn to the pretty stuff;
in the photos - the stains on the carpet and the cords and such jump out at ya.

Over all, though, what I saw looking through the pictures,
was people having a rockin' good time.

we had to get creative with the flowers - they didn't go nearly as far as I'd planned

that tub - for the silverware ~ it had little trick-or-treaters on it; I just covered it with double sided tape and glitter :-)

 agh - this picture of that picture does not do it justice. When Roselle saw it, she got chills
and said she couldn't believe it was one that she'd taken. Adding glitter made it amazing! you'll have to trust me on it ;-)

Roselle made this (and the groom's cake) as her ridiculously generous contribution to the potluck.
I'm telling you - that woman sure made my kids feel loved!

My talented friend, Amy, with some help from another crazy talented friend,
made this awesome photo prop as a gift to Tony and Kacy.   It was sooo much better than I could have imagined!

the kids table looked a little more Mardi Gras-ish than I would have preferred. still, I think they liked having it :-)

my Eva. always serving. She loves me so!

youngest and oldest. How I love them. And all of the others in between.

When I presented the idea of a dance area to Tyler, there were landscape timbers and cinder blocks involved.
isn't he amazing?! Thanks, Love, for going along with my crazy ideas. And making them (and me) so much better.

three words - double sided tape

my Gramma!

Many thanks to everyone who pitched in to make this a memorable evening for Tony & Kacy.
and everyone else :-)


  1. Your right. The pictures don't do it justice. It was lovely!

  2. Looks like a wonderful party - so much fun! I love the dance area - what a great idea from the both of you!


  4. so very nice and pretty it was! My sister is a genius, and she looked so pretty too.and of course,so did the bride and groom. the candles and shoes were fabulous, and the dance floor was a wonderful fun idea, enjoyed by many! great pics!

  5. and the kids loved their table! it was quite perfect really!

  6. You look beautiful!!!!! It was fun seeing the McCulloughs :) Your son looks so happy and your new daughter looks like an angel...I loved the pictures!!!! :):):)So happy for you all!!! :):):)


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