Wednesday, September 26, 2012

another yummy dinner. for my sister ;-)

BLT Salad.
or as Tyler called it - Man Pleasin' Salad

I just laid out 8 plates (Ton' came to dinner tonight :-) Kacy was working :-(
and on each plate, put a layer of each of the following:

Romaine, chopped
Baby spinach, sliced
handful of shredded cabbage leftover from last night
onions, sliced thin 
(I even put this on the kids' plates - not a single complaint, although, if they were building their own salads,
Jeremiah, Lily, and Lex' would have definitely passed on them.)
cheddar, cubed tiny
diced tomatoes 
cubed chicken 
(I just cooked up 3 breasts in bacon grease
 I would have been ok skipping the chicken; my menfolk think they need it. They're prob'ly right ;-)
bacon strips

we topped it with a Parmesan Ranch dressing made by mixing 1/3-1/2 c parmesan cheese with homemade Ranch.

I'd planned to pan-roast sunflower seeds, which would have been a delicious addition,
but I forgot to.
Should you want to add them to yours,
before cooking your bacon
(oooh - or maybe after? Yum!!)
add a few cups of raw sunflower seeds to several TBS olive oil (or that bacon grease?)
in a frying pan and cook over med high heat for about 5-8 minutes and salt.

With or without seeds, this salad is scrumptious!


  1. that does sound yummy! Penny and I are drooling already. No, Penny is asleep, it's just me.
    Love and big hug

  2. I WANT!!! I love salads for dinner anyway, and I sure LOVE bacon. they keep saying there will be a shortage of bacon this next year due to the drought. well thats no good! thanks for plannin my meals for me, it sure helps! :)oh, and never thought of making such a dressing, delishious!!