Friday, September 28, 2012

Lexi's reading lesson

I couldn't care less if my preschoolers learn to read
while they are still 'preschoolers'.
Tiger momma, I am not.
The little ones like to do a bit of school, too.
Until they get bored and / or tired; then they want to quit.
I'm torn on that one.
Do I let them quit, because - I wasn't he one who ordered the work?
Or - do I make them finish, because they started,
and if I let them quit, even if I don't care if they finish, am I raising a quitter?

Lexi often insists on reading lessons
(meaning, if Lexi is aware that reading lessons have, or will, take place, she wants one!)
We repeat a lot of lessons.
Which I can get away with for several days in a row, until she reminds me that we need to move the bookmark.
Sometimes, I hide the bookmark, so she won't see it, and remember.

As I've done with kiddos in the past,
when the older sibling gets a new letter,
I add it to the younger sibling's flashcards, too, so that by the time they get to it in the book,
they are already familiar with it.
Somehow, not remembering the sound on a flashcard
 isn't as frustrating to them as drawing a blank when we're using the book.
(Speaking of - you should see it - such a wrinkled mess. Definitely our most-used school book.)

We added the letter 'c' the other day, with the soft sound.
Lexi said it as a 't' sound.
I said, "C (the sound), as in cat. Say Cat."



  1. :):):) I remember when one of my daughters couldn't pronounce the c/k sound and she asked my friend to see her _itty :P The look on my friend's face was priceless :D

    You are such a great Momma..I love when I make it over here to your blog :):):)

  2. haha!!
    Hope you are feeling better soon!


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