Friday, September 14, 2012

a conundrum

I like sewing more than I like working out.
Way more.
when I have time to spare, I don't think, "Hey, I should get my butt on the bike."
I think, "Oh, goody! I have 15 minutes. What shall I sew on?!"

I go for days,
and the thought of exercise never crosses my mind.
Then, I see a photo of myself.
And I say, "I am so sorry you people have to look at this all the time."
And I think, "I am definitely going to fit in working out. I just have to!"
Then, I think of new things to sew.
And I forget all about the working out.
Even though I pass the bike at least 77 times a day.

I would enjoy the sewing even more,
if what I made actually looked good on me.
maybe I should just force myself to remember to work out.

But then when would I sew??

Does any of this make sense?


  1. Tracey I am the same way..if I'd get on the treadmill I would have more fun sewing things that I would look nicer in.

  2. I TOTALLY understand! makes complete sense to if you can work in squats while your folding the laundry and leg lifts while your washing the dishes and some arm strengthening while your putting away the groceries,and some bicycling when your watching monk, then you would have the same amount of time for sewing. jus sayin....I tell myself this all the time, and then....I FORGET!!


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