Saturday, September 22, 2012


Ter - you're going love this :-)

Jeremiah and Josiah came up with it all on their own.

They call it

I thought it looked pretty cool, so gave Josiah a small canvas to work on.

Your own artwork on the wall is way better than in the window :-)


  1. ahhh, they inherited their mothers geniousness! (is that a word?) very cool, although it does involve fire...proceed with caution, its fabulous! you need a warm thing, to melt it as you draw, that would be cool too! :)

  2. yes; I suppose I should have added a disclaimer, huh?
    actually - after I cleaned up from making coconut macaroon pancakes the other day, I turned the griddle on warm, slapped a piece of paper on it, and drew a picture :-)

  3. did you really? thats cool! and coconut macaroon pancakes? oh my! yum!!!

  4. Griddles, wax crayons and art work! You make me laugh!
    Great job little guys!
    Hugs from the distant aunt!


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