Friday, September 28, 2012

more Lexi

Lily and Lexi were playing 'friends'.
'Kayla' (Lily) knocked on the door and when 'Allah' (Lex') opened the door,
(I'm fairly certain no door has ever seen as much traffic as our front door)
Kayla asked to borrow eggs.
Allah ran off to the kitchen to get some.
She took so long, I was beginning to worry that she was getting real eggs, 
but no, when she came back through the living room, I couldn't see anything,
although, she was obviously carrying something pretend in each hand.
She carefully opened the door and handed the first item to Kayla, saying, "Here's an egg." 
Then she reached out her other hand, "And here is a chick."

(while writing this - the door has opened (and surprisingly, closed) no less than 8 9 times)

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