Wednesday, September 12, 2012

out of commission

He's not at all clumsy,
but he does seem to be a little bit accident prone.
He had the wood in the foot - and the fork in the toe.
Just a few weeks ago, he hurt his ankle when we were at a birthday party.
He doesn't know what he did, but he was in a good bit of pain.
I was deciding if I should worry about him when he told me he was seeing flashes of light
and felt a little dizzy. Oh, and his lips turned completely white.
Apparently there was a chip out of the rim on one of the milk mugs (another one. sigh.)
and today, when he was washing up the lunch dishes, it sliced his finger.
"Mom, you better come here." Brandon called as he rushed to the bathroom.
We got the bleeding stopped fairly quickly, but as I tried to ascertain the severity, he said he wasn't feeling so good.
I told him to take slow deep breaths and looked up at his face. 
His lips were gray.
I wasn't feeling too swift myself - but I was in the middle of a hot flash....
Just in case we were both fixin' to pass out, I quickly moved our operation to the bedroom.

I went back and forth over 'do we need to get stitches?',
and texted Maggie, Eva, and Tyler.
Maggie and Eva both felt like we were probably ok with steri-strips 
and Tyler told me to trust my judgement
or something like that.
So I decided we were probably good without stitches.
if we could keep it closed.

I'd already steri-stripped it and it was actually looking fairly good
I hadn't cleaned it out thoroughly,
so I had to open it back up
to clean it.
We both got a little woozy again.
Got him all bandaged back up and decided that I'd fashion a splint come bedtime, 
to keep him from bending his fingers in his sleep, and re-opening the wound.

That worked for awhile,
but then the stupid steri-strips wouldn't stay put;
the kid's hands were sweaty.

I sent Maggie another text 'steri strips aren't gonna cut it'.
So she told us to come on in and she fixed him right up.

And now, he can't do any writing, can't wash dishes, can't shower...
Poor guy.


  1. it's tough when your right hand man can't use his right hand !
    or is it his left?
    actually it brought back memories of several cuts, punctures and smashes and the woozies.
    Lord bless you, Brandon

  2. Poor guy! (I feel bad for you too, mom.)
    It must be something in your family...ahem...
    Nathan sliced his finger while trimming the neighbor's bushes. I was puzzled by his sudden disappearance. His flashes told him he needed to get inside - quick! Sweaty hands don't keep bandages on very well. Fumbling fingers also have difficulty *putting* them on too.
    Hugs to all!

  3. Oh my sounds just like my two sons...They have both fainted on me over bleeding cuts...It fairly freaks you out when it happens especially when they are teenagers taller than you and you are trying to hold them and lay them down...dead weight...My younger son has actually fainted on me several times...Once at the vet when our dog was very ill and had to get an IV...The vet panicked and he even called our house for several days to check up on him...LOL...He said that was the first time that has ever happeded to him and he is an older vet :)

  4. Yes, Mom, his right hand. He's working on being ambidextrous ;-)
    The only cuts I'm remembering are mine (wrist) and yours (palm of your hand) oh ~ and Scott's puncture wound from the bike pedal. Bikes laying down still make me nervous.

    Kaylana ~ oh my!

    Anon ~ we really have had surprisingly few traumas, considering the size of our family. I am usually tough as nails ('til its all over...) so it's weird that I wasn't this time. That is so funny about the vet!

  5. No TKD either??? :'(

  6. nope :-(
    but it IS healing very nicely, so, soon!


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