Wednesday, January 30, 2008

warning: long post

I got to bed way too late Monday
so I didn’t get off to a super start on Tuesday.
I had a lot to get done;
the house was not in great shape
and we had company coming for dinner
(which we were happy about - but - the house was a wreck…)
I ended up crying
for the zillionth time
“Just once, I would like to have people over and NOT have to clean”
because I want them to come to a messy house, mind you
Received an e-mail from a comrade-in-arms
(one of the sweet people we do outreach ministry with)
One of the boys that came to Oakbrook ‘church’ years ago
had been in a pretty serious accident.
He was okay, but his best friend was in critical condition.
The simple fact that Connie happened to be at the hospital
to run into Jaycob (whom none of us have seen in a couple of years)
was pretty amazing.
She quickly sent the e-mail out to the troops so we could all be praying.
Fast-forward a few hours:
The house was still in bad shape
worse, somehow
and Tony comes in with Lana’s kitty.
She has a fish hook in her paw.
I tried to numb it with clove oil (doesn’t work)
and rubbed the paw & hook down with
grapefruitseed extract to help fight infection
and prepared to extract the hook.
Tony gathered some tools for me.
meanwhile Lily is a CRAB
“I do NOT have time for this!”
Backtracking a bit:
Monday night, Lily went to be early - around 11:00
Tyler and Lana were talking, so I joined them.
We talked for about an hour,
then Lana went off to finish schoolwork
and Tyler and I continued to talk
(for another 3 hours)
I was discouraged
about pretty much everything
a friendship that isn’t quite what I thought it was
what difference has any of our outreach ministry involvement made?
I’m not doing enough as a mom
I’ll spare you the rest…..
Back to the kitty with the fish hook….
I tried to push the hook through
since pulling it out the way it went in
was out of the question.
The cat wasn’t real thrilled with the process.
I realized I wasn’t going to be able to get the hook out
“I do NOT have the time or money for this!”
Like any wife would do, I called Tyler
Not real sure what I thought he was going to tell me to do..
He wondered if I was thinking of ‘putting her down’
well, goodness, that didn’t seem right!
(although, when I paid the vet
I wished I would’ve just drowned the stupid cat!)
So, I took Jeremiah and Josiah
and went to the vet
They told me it’d be about a half hour
and I should go get lunch.
The boys wanted to walk to McDonalds;
I didn’t want to walk across the busy street.
We compromised and walked to Long John Silvers
(which is ridiculously expensive if you don’t have coupons!)
I wanted to just enjoy my boys.
It isn’t often that I am out with just the two of them
so I treated them to kid’s meals
complete with orange soda.
We were eating
and in walks a woman who looks like Jaycob’s step mom!
Come on, what are the chances??
She wasn’t eating - she was just chillin’ in a booth at LJS
I finally got up the nerve to go talk to her.
(and left the boys at the table by themselves
and they were GOOD!)
“Are you, by any chance, Jaycob _____’s step mom??”
I was able to let her know that we loved her boy
and that all of us from ‘Oakbrook church’
were already praying for him and his friend.
'Oakbrook church’ hasn’t existed in years,
but our team is still together at Riverwalk.
(I am not actively a part of our team right now,
my primary ministry being to my own small children;
but Lana, Tony, and Brandon have stepped up
and more than filled my former role beautifully!)
When we were talking Monday evening
I had asked Tyler
“What is the point? What lives have we really touched?”
God used a stupid cat
to remind me
That my job is to love and to be faithful.
We won’t know,
until we get to heaven
all of the effects of our ministry on earth.
As an added bonus
Tony and Brandon had worked diligently on the house
(I hadn’t asked them to do anything except pick up the bathroom
I’d left LilyPie with them, for goodness sake!)
and it looked so much better when I walked in the door.
They had even vacuumed
and they HATE to vacuum!
Thanks, guys!!
I checked a few blogs while nursing Lily last night
and visited one that a friend recently introduced me to.
The writer shared a short scripture
Proverbs 3:3
Let love and faithfulness never leave you
Thank-you, Lord for orchestrating the events of the day!
When I headed to the vet
it confirmed (at the time)
my suspicions;
God wasn't really interested in blessing me right now!
I looked with my human eyes
at the difficulties of the day-
not enough time and not enough money!
I didn't know that the cat had to get the hook
so that I would end up
at a resturant I hardly ever go to
so I could minister
-however briefly-
to the stepmom
of a child I met years ago and haven't seen in ages
both for her benefit, and mine.
Help me to remember that You are sovereign.
Let love and faithfullness never leave you

Monday, January 28, 2008


You just can't send a little guy to bed hungry!!

(notice how nicely he's holding his fork, too)

you can't send a big guy to bed hungry, either....

sleeping beauty

never fails to bring a smile to my face
and often results in my grabbing tyler or one of the kids
just so they can smile with me
for one thing, there is nothing in all the world
quite like a sleeping baby
but also,
because many of my babies haven't slept this way
with their arms up by their head.

I'd never thought much about the position my babies sleep in
until we received the sweet birth announcement
of Baby Zeke
with a picture of him sleeping peacefully, arms by his ears
and I thought, "my babies don't sleep like that."
then, I remembered this book
while the baby isn't nearly as cute - he was sleeping the same way!
what was up?

All of my breastfed babies have had tummy troubles
major tummy troubles!
an intolerance to how my body processes dairy protein
or an inability to process it themselves
while they are less than a year.
I hate that it took me so long to figure it out,
guess I'm dumb that way.

I called a girlfriend with a baby 2 months younger than Lily
"does Ben sleep with his arms above his head?"
turns out, he does!

my conclusion
is that when you are in pain
specifically tummy pain,
you instinctually cover that area
you protect it
you don't stretch all out

when I see my baby girl
sleeping with her arms all up by her ears
I smile
and I know
the pain is finally gone

I love you precious!
and I'm sorry Brandon, Jeremiah, and Josiah
that it took Momma so long

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bridal Extravaganza

(this is what I spilled the beans about the other day...shh)
The girls spent the afternoon with Emily
at the Bridal Extravaganza at the Holiday Inn
oh my! so many people!!
and so much food!
We weren't looking for anything in particular,
but we saw a few things we both really liked.
We all loved the spinach artichoke dip from Goodson's;
we may have to splurge
and have that at the reception.
I am so glad I'll be eating dairy by then!
A friend of ours
(she's one of those ladies
you just know you're going to love
as soon as you meet her)
had a booth for her new business
and she had a special gift for Lana -
one of her handmade candles in a tin!
~ delicious ~
I just smile every time I get to talk to Sarah
she is such a blessing to me!
and my girls!
I really want this time to be as stress-free as possible
I have to find a balance
between being a homeschooling momma
with 2 preschoolers & a baby
being the mother of a very precious bride.
I've already lightened up quite a bit, though!

(grrr why does my spacing hardly ever work?!!!)


we're home from church again this week
still sick little people around here
Jeremiah and Josiah had a bit of an altercation
as a result of a misunderstanding;
Jeremiah thought Josiah didn't like him or want to play with him
(because Josiah wasn't too thrilled with Jeremiah taking his paper...)
Josiah overheard Jeremiah telling me
that Josiah didn't want to play with him.
He promptly got up and got a piece of paper for Jeremiah.
Showing him, that, yes
he does in fact like him and want to play with him
these are the things that make mommas
(and big sisters)

Luke and Lana, by Jeremiah

Saturday, January 26, 2008

the weekend

Tyler says we're food snobs.

We don't mean to be;
we just happen to like food that tastes good
and IS good!
So, every three weeks or so,
Tyler makes the 2-hour trek to Clairemore
to but us fresh
milk from Swan's Brothers Dairy
The kids all take turns going with daddy;
they get to help keep him awake
get special time with the Pop!
Jeremiah got to go today, for the first time
probably the last, for quite awhile.
He never has been much of a traveler.

Thank-you, my love, for the sacrifices you make
so our family can be healthy

Brandon got a Creation Station for Christmas from the big kids.
The boys finally had some time to devote to figuring it out.
Looks like its going to be pretty fun!

We got a new Supercenter a few weeks ago.
Its on the way home from
pretty much everywhere we go.
I’m not a big fan of Wal-mart
I spend my money elsewhere when I have the chance.
But living in Walmart country
doesn’t really leave one with many shopping choices.

To maximize time
and make it easier on anyone who may be helping with the shopping
(thanks, Tyler, T, & Lana!)
I like to have a master grocery list
that follows the layout of the store.
Tyler took me to the new store last night
so we could map it out.
We went up and down the aisles
snapping pictures of everything we might possibly buy .
Now, all I have to do
Is find time to type up a list
using the photos as a guide.

My list probably wouldn’t be useful to anyone outside our family
but I have a feeling a certain young Mrs Hobbs
might be asking for it in about 4 months

Thursday, January 24, 2008

hmm... what are they doing?

working on wedding stuff......

Luke came over for a few hours
between school and Riverwalk
We took a picture
(actually, we took 24 pictures, but we got The One)
Lana edited the photo
with help, of course

We sent the picture to Walgreens to be printed
and they called
to make sure that they weren't about to print
a professionally done, copyrighted picture

(this - is not that picture :-)
Luke barely made it in the door
before he had to scoop up both Josiah & Lily
My family loves you, I might as well love you

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

what kind of man?

Daddy & Jeremiah were discussing the following verse:
A fool gives full vent to his anger,
but a wise man keeps himself under control.
Proverbs 29:11
(we have to talk about this verse a lot)
A little while later, Tyler asked Jeremiah,
"What kind of man do you want to be?"
Jeremiah answered, "a wise man!"
Josiah called out, "I want to be Spiderman!"

Happy National Pie Day

in honor of National Pie Day
we had pie for dinner.
Beef Pot Pie

Jeremiah and Josiah were hoping for a different filling!

miss you, baby

“how can I miss someone so much
that I have never met?”

I think that’s one of the best lines in ‘Facing the Giants’.
Brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it.
I suppose that’s because I understand it

Eight years ago, today
we lost our precious baby
the depth of the emotions I feel on this day
year after year
surprise me

I love you, Baby
I miss you
I look forward to meeting you someday

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

reconstruction time, she comes

"Does this make you sad in any way?"
I suppose it should, maybe
but, no, it doesn't.
After months of planning
and shopping for just the right sparkles,
the time has come
to start disassembling
The Dress.
deep breath

got milk?

The Girl is nursing again.
I am so happy!
Lily was so miserable yesterday
that she wasn't one bit interested in nursing.
I was really starting to worry and I'm not a worrier.
She went eleven hours!!
I started thinking
maybe it's time to quit.
God, is this it? Are we done?
Surely not yet.
She's not even 10 months old!
She'll very likely be the last baby I'll ever nurse
I don't want to be finished already, Lord
I started thinking about all the reasons why it'd be good
if we were no longer a nursing pair.
And they were all selfish
every single one!
So, this morning
when I offered her my breast
and she didn't shake her head 'no' at me,
but eagerly latched on
I was grateful.
Grateful that she was feeling somewhat better,
but also immensely grateful for the opportunity to
physically nourish my child
once more.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

new teeth

Lily is sporting a new tooth ~ that makes two now!
Lana found it.

Finding first teeth is a BIG DEAL in our family!

I thought I found Lily’s first tooth a few weeks ago, I was so excited!
I’m not the least bit competitive!
Lana was at the store, so I called her - not to brag, merely to inform
And she got mad at me!
And sad,
because, it was her last chance to find a baby’s first tooth
(besides her own babies, of course)
She made all sorts of empty threats
about me not coming near her babies
when they were teething till the tooth poked through
(she’s not a bit competitive either)

Turns out,
Tony was actually the one that found the tooth first,
but he didn’t make a big deal out of it, so no one knew.
He is disqualified from the finding new teeth competition er, game.

Lana, I’m glad you found the second tooth
If I couldn’t find it
At least Dad didn’t either

As a side note -
It was when I found Lily’s tooth
(at that point, I didn’t know I wasn’t the real finder)
that I came up with the theme of my blog.
It had been a rough day, in a rough week.
And then I found the tooth (or so I thought…)
and for a moment, I was ecstatic.
And I thought, “thank you, Lord, for helping me find joy
in something so small as finding a baby’s tooth.

Joy is not my natural state, but I want it to be.


We have a houseful of sick babies
except Tony and Tyler and yours truly
is sick
I hate for any of my babies to be sick!
There is one nice thing about Lily being sick, though.
She's snuggly.
Most of my babies have wanted Momma and only Momma
when they are sick.
Lily is content just to be held by somebody.
So everyone gets to get in on the snuggles
and LilyPie gets in lots of naps

Thanks for being such a great Papa!

I love you, my handsome man!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

new shoes

oh, I do love to sew!

LilyPie got a new outfit on clearance for $3.20 this week.
It was just begging for some shoes to match!
(what little girl's outfit isn't?)
I just happened to find an old ultrasuede jacket
in just the right shade of brown at our favorite thrift store
(before we purchased the outfit)
add to that a scrap of the pink suede jacket for $2.25 from NBC
and we've got the perfect shoes
(okay, workmanship is far from perfect, but they're wearable)
Thanks, Brandon & Ton' for watching The Girl so I could make these!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

melted snowmen

Josiah came up with a drink recipe this evening;
he calls it a 'melted snowman'.
to make
simply head for the only faucet you can reach
(for him, that would be the bathroom sink,
accessible by standing on toilet & leaning way over)
and fill cup with water - whatever temperature happens to came out.
find something to use as a lid
(I suppose this was the snowman's hat?)
and, there you have it
a melted snowman

drink & enjoy


'new' beds!

Since we happened to have an empty bed lying around,
last Sunday, we switched things up a bit
and now Jeremiah and Josiah have 'new' beds!
They'd never slept alone before
so this is HUGE.
The boys all got comfy blankets for Christmas,
so that kinda helped with the execution of the New Bed Plan

I love you, my boys! I'm glad you like your new beds so much!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I just had a sad realization.
Yesterday was the first time since I have been a mother
that I didn't talk to the child that made me a mom.
Oh, I suppose there may have been one or two other times
maybe on one of the rare occasions that
Tyler and I went away for an anniversary.
But, even then, we probably talked on the phone,
cause that's just the kind of kid he is.
He always wanted us to know what was going on with him
and he wanted to know what was going on with us.
When the kids went to school, they each had a prepaid calling card,
so they could always get a hold of me.
You know, in the old days, before cell phones.
TJ would call while he was on a field trip, just to say, "hi".
I don't figure his friends were calling their moms to say hi,
but he always did.
This growing up stuff is hard.
You'd think at 39, I'd have the hang of it.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go call my son, just to say, "hi".
I love you, bud!

behold - the power of cheese

It's been roughly 37 weeks since we figured out
I can not have dairy when I am nursing a baby.
Its been a rough 37 weeks.
I love dairy products
all my favorite foods (and I have lots of 'em) include dairy.
Its a sacrifice I gladly make for the comfort of my child
(and everyone else living with said child....)
BUT - unlike some sacrifices we make for our children,
this one has an end in sight.
Last night, for the first time in over 8 months,
I had cheese with dinner!
and then, I panicked,
cause in addition to the cheese,
I had beans - and more than the tablespoon I usually eat.
how I was I going to know if it was the cheese or the beans that caused trouble?
except for some mild hiccups, there was no trouble!
LilyPie went to bed earlier than normal, slept her usual 10 hours,
and woke up being her happy self!
thank-you, Lord!!
Now, I'm not going to go hog-wild or anything but its nice to know
I can cautiously add back in some of my favorite foods!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fire Pennies

Apparently we have a theme going today:
'little boy and silverware'
This is what happens
when a two-year old sticks a penny in a heater
and then attempts to retrieve it with a knife.
a butter knife
cause everyone knows, those are the safe ones.
Poor little guy got a bit of a shock!
which would explain the faint fire-smell in his hair.....

the 'Chismis' fork

At lunch today,
Josiah insisted on using his 'chismis' fork.
Now, I have been known to give odd gifts,
but, I promise, I did not give my son a fork for Christmas!

After offering the child one of each type and size of fork that we own
we still hadn't managed to find this special utensil.
As a joke
I grabbed the only fork left it the house.
Turns out, it was the elusive treasure!

it's also known as a serving fork!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


I did it!
I actually finished something!

I can mark it OFF the list
the very L O N G list
Wedding Stuff

One down, fifty million to go
bring it on

the dining room table

Looking around the table at our rapidly-shrinking family,
Tyler says, “Pretty soon, this is going to be it.”
just seven of us
(how did this happen so fast?)
TJ moved out six days ago,
Lana will be getting married in less than 5 months.

Brandon suggests taking the leaf out of the table.
tears sprang to my eyes
(how did they get there so quickly?)

It’s nothing fancy, our table; in fact, it’s a piece of junk!
It was actually pretty nice once
before it became ours.
It was never intended to be
a use-it-all-the-time--every-day table.
It was made to be a Sunday-dinner kind of table.
But we aren’t a use-the-table-for-Sunday-dinner kind of family.

We LIVE at our table
we play games
we eat
we announce new family members
we talk
we do school
we share what God is teaching us
we celebrate - pretty much anything we can think of to celebrate
(okay - we eat)
we plan
we drink coffee - all of us
we laugh
we make things (mostly messes)
we cry
We LIVE at our table!

Take the leaf out??
Bite your tongue, Boy
I’m thinking about getting a bigger table!

Friday, January 11, 2008

gingerbread houses & sweet little boys

I was checking out this blog
and my 4 y-o came in and asked, "What's that?"
when he saw the pictures.
I scrolled through all the pictures for him and said,
"Those are gingerbread houses this lady's kids made.
I wanted to make gingerbread houses too (sigh) but we didn't get to."

Jeremiah went off to get paper and crayons.
"Tony, I'm making mom a gingerbread house,
cause she really wants one."